#PinlessParenting: I'm Stuck on You - Valentine's Inspired Collages

First of all, I think my favorite part about making these collages is the fact that they were so quick and easy, I was able to make them both during Baby D’s nap. And since she’s basically a cat napper, getting anything completed within that timeframe is usually impossible.

I wanted to make a Valentine’s day collage and ended up with two different versions — the first is a photo collage of Baby D, and the second is a slightly more kid-friendly paper college made from recycled tissue paper. Both were incredibly easy, clean, and kid-friendly, since no messy glue is needed!


For the photo collage, I used two sheets of Pinless Pics, one sheet of scrapbook paper, a pair of scissors and my home inkjet printer. I picked out a bunch of my favorite photos of Baby D, and then used a free, easy and user friendly website, Be Funky, to arrange them all in a square collage. I just did this so that I could print several small photos on one page, but this website would also be great to use to make other kinds of photo collages. I saved the collage to my computer, and printed it. Don’t forget to change your printer settings to correspond to the paper finish that you are using. I was using the matte Pinless Pics, so you can see here how I changed my settings for that.


I drew a heart on the sheet of scrapbook paper, to give myself a general outline to work with. Then I took the backing off the sheets of Pinless Pics and cut out the photo squares. To get a general idea of layout, I arranged the squares on the heart, and then trimmed the edges of some of the photos to make them fit.


The great part about the Pinless products is you aren’t stuck with the first place it touches. You can put the picture down, then adjust, cut, or re-orient, all without damaging the picture or the backing. Because of that, I was able to do some rearranging until I got a final layout that I was pleased with. I took it a step further, and put it in a frame and placed it on our mantle.


For the tissue paper collage, I used a Pinless Post (double-sided board), one sheet of scrapbook paper, a pair of scissors, and three pieces of tissue paper that I found is some gift bags that I had saved from our baby shower. Marie Kondo probably wouldn’t approve of holding on to those bags and tissue paper, but they clearly came in handy for this crafting project! Plus, whenever possible, recycling is better than throwing stuff away. First, I cut a heart shape out of the Pinless Post, almost as big as the sheet of scrapbook paper. I took the liner off both sides and stuck it in the center of the scrapbook paper. Then, the fun part. I tore little pieces of the tissue paper and just stuck them randomly all over the heart until it was entirely covered. Perfectly simple Valentine’s Day craft for a little one, and you don’t have to worry about them getting glue all over the place!