#PinlessParenting: Visual Stimulation Board

At the end of last year, we welcomed a new little person into the Pinless family. Along with her arrival came lots of new ideas as to how we could use the different Pinless products. From keeping her entertained to keeping us sane and somewhat organized, came the creation of #PinlessParenting. Essentially, we’ll be giving you some ideas on how to use Pinless to help with your child’s development or entertainment, as well as some handy household hacks to help busy parents save some time.

To start, we stuck a few things on the wall next to her Rock n Play. Mostly just things we randomly threw up there without much thought or planning. However, like every new mother, I spend a lot of time with her hanging onto me, while I’m reading blogs and newsletters about her week by week development. I found it really intriguing that a newborn’s vision develops pretty quickly for their first few months of life, with high contrast patterns being the most stimulating early on. Sure, we all associate babies and nursery decor with soft, soothing pastels, but in reality, they can’t actually see those shades. Their color vision doesn’t really develop until 5 months. A quick Pinterest search will give you hundreds of black and white visual stimulation boards, but if you have any creativity or crafty habits, you can easily make one. Plus, an added bonus for an artsy mama, just a quick break from baby to do some doodling can do wonders for your own stress levels! (If crafty isn’t your thing, that same Pinterest search will also give you free printable options, that you can print on dry adhesive backed photo paper with Pinless Pics, or on regular paper and attach with Pinless Post display boards.)

So I handed Baby D off to Dad and got out my Sharpie and “Pinless Pro” gloss cover paper, and went to town, mindlessly doodling some patterns. Keep in mind, babies love stripes, and at 2-3 months many infants can even pay attention to an object the size of a raisin, so polka dots work well too. Seeing as a new mom never actually gets a break, my design was quick, and definitely flawed, but luckily 2 month olds aren’t art critics. But would she actually like it?

During dinner time, we put her in a Moses basket on the floor in the dining room. She hardly ever lets us eat in peace, so we hoped a little visual stimulation would keep her entertained. I peeled off the backing and stuck it on the wall next to her basket, and sure enough, she was mesmerized! Remember to post it within 8-12 inches of their face, because this is as far as they can see clearly.

So my next concern was: is it so busy that it’ll overstimulate her? Because as a new mom, I over analyze everything! The next day I set her in her Moses basket while I got ready for work. Once again, she was smiling and mesmerized by the design, but was asleep 5 minutes later. What’s better than an entertained baby? A sleeping baby!

And the great part about it being Pinless is that I can take it down and put it wherever I put her! And it’s only temporary. Since she develops quickly and her tastes and abilities change everyday, there’s no need to invest in pricey decor to serve this purpose.

Judging by that smile, I’d say this was a success!

Judging by that smile, I’d say this was a success!