Creating a Mess-Free Mood Board

Mood boards can be a great visualization tool. Whether you’re redecorating your house, planning an event, or reinventing your wardrobe, making a mood board will help you craft the exact look and feel that you want to achieve. However, traditional methods for making a mood board can be difficult. Using tape loops on the back of your elements will keep you from getting a smooth, uniform look, and glues are messy and can cause your thinner pieces to wrinkle or rip. With almost any traditional method, your pieces will either be permanently attached to your board or will be damaged in some way.

That’s where the Pinless Post Mounting and Display Board comes in! With a unique dry adhesive technology on both the wall side and the display side of the board, you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls or your mood board pieces. You can move the board to different locations, and you can adjust or switch out the items that are actually on the board.


Since summer has finally arrived, I decided to create some fashion mood boards for a few different styles. I went on Pinterest to find some inspiration, and then I just printed them out on regular copy paper. I chose some photos of outfits and accessories, some textures, and some complimentary color blocks. I also looked around on Pinterest for some mood board layout inspiration, and I found a nice grid-like design that I really liked. There are lots of different options, though, from grids with straight lines to full on collages that layer the elements on top of one another.


After I had all of my mood board elements, I grabbed an 8.5” x 11” Pinless Post and stuck it on a clean vertical surface. Then it was just as easy as placing my pieces on the front of the board. While I liked the grid design a lot, I didn’t want to worry too much about making all of the lines and spaces exactly perfect. Making a mood board is supposed to be relaxing and inspiring, not stressful!


I was really pleased with the way the mood boards looked! If you wanted to keep the grid layout but minimize your white space, you could use Pinless Pics instead. Just print a full sheet with a background color or pattern, and then print your elements on the Pinless Pics, too. Stick the background sheet on the wall, and cut out your pieces to stick to the front of the full sheet.

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