A College Student's Introduction to The Pinless

As a college student, I’ve moved all of my things in and out of different living spaces several times. I’ve lived in three different dorm rooms, and now I’m (thankfully) in an apartment that will be my home until I graduate. Having to take down all of my posters and other decorations every time I’ve moved has been a real pain, especially since I’ve been unable to use any nails or tacks in the walls. A lot of the things I use to decorate are sentimental to me, too, and the tape I’ve used to hang them has damaged the back of the items or the paint on the wall.

When I first heard about The Pinless, I was immediately enthusiastic. Finally, I could hang all of my posters without using copious amounts of painter’s tape! I wouldn’t have to buy sticky adhesive products that would just get thrown away when it came time to move out. Best of all, the things I held so dear — artwork that was made for me by my little sister, photos of my best friends from high school — would no longer be at risk of being torn or coated with sticky residue.


The first products that I used from The Pinless brand were the Pinless Pics. I’ve used both the glossy and the matte formats, and I love the high quality prints that come from both. It’s so much easier to print photos on my home printer than to upload them to a store website or kiosk and wait for them to be printed there. I can make the photos whatever size I want, too. Plus, the dry adhesive backing means they’re ready to hang as soon as you print them!

I tried out the Pinless Post next. I was most excited about this product; I could use it to hang all of the decorations and reminders that I already had. I stuck the Pinless Post to the back of my bedroom door and used it to hang a bridal shower invitation, an art piece with an inspirational quote that I was given by a good friend, a few sentimental items, and some photos that I already had printed. I was able to move things around on the board easily, and they stay in place even with the frequent movement of the door! I also used another Pinless Post to hang some of my favorite posters by cutting the board into strips and putting them on the back of the posters. I was able to adjust them over and over until I got them just right. No frames, nails, or tacks needed!


I had never used a dry erase board in my bedroom before, but the Pinless Plus dry erase board showed me just how useful it could be! It applied smoothly to my wall without any wrinkles or bumps. Since hanging it, I’ve used it to write out my weekly schedule, make notes to myself about important events and tasks, and just to doodle and have fun. It’s a really versatile product.

Since starting my internship with The Pinless, my room has become absolutely full of Pinless products. What was formerly a plain space dominated by white walls that were devoid of decoration is now full of photos, artwork, and gifts that represent me and my life. With no damage to the walls or to my decorations, products from The Pinless have transformed my living space into a place that I can be happy to call home.