Poster Framing with Pinless Post

I received an 18”x 24” map in a rolled tube with the intention of putting it in a poster frame. I decided to use Pinless Posts to make the process easier, since the map kept curling and I wanted it to lay flat during the framing process. This map is also a gift for a friend, so I wanted it to be removable in the chance that they would want to someday change the frame without damaging the map.

I started with an 8.5” x 11” Pinless Post sheet, but I cut out 4 small rectangles, approximately 4.25” x 1.5” each. I placed one on each corner of the cardboard backing that came with the frame. I then adhered the map onto the cardboard. I placed the cardboard and map into the frame, but noticed that I had not laid it out evenly on all sides. I removed the map from the cardboard and adhesives, realigned it and re-adhered it. It still wasn’t quite perfectly aligned, so I repeated the removal and adhered it one more time. I then placed it in the frame and closed the frame.

Overall, I adhered, removed, repositioned and re-adhered the map three times, and it was still well adhered. I do not have a long-term goal for this specific use, as I only wanted it to hold the map in place for the framing process.

Since the adhesive will be on the back of the map for an extended, indeterminate amount of time, another concern is that I don’t want the adhesive to break down/melt and seep through or ruin the map paper over the extended period of time. The Pinless Post uses ShearGrip technology, which avoids runny liquids or other sticky goops and gives me confidence that this won’t occur. I’ve also been told it’s acid-free, which is a great thing for long-term storage. Overall, this was a great experience with a new product and I don’t know of any similar glue or adhesive that would have worked as well.

— MB (June 10, 2018)