Pinless products are a new way to display, decorate, and organize.

The Pinless™ Collection is the first set of products to use ShearGrip® -- a new, patented dry adhesive that combines strength, removability, and ease of use. A range of products are now available — from double-sided bulletin and display boards (Pinless Post) to home printable paper (Pinless Pics), and repositionable dry erase boards (Pinless Plus) — and more is on the way. Pinless™ products work on a wide range of surfaces, and are easy to remove without damage, sticky residue, and shredded memories.

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Our current line of Pinless products is designed to display and organize your life, without the hassle, mess, damage, and cost of other products.

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The story starts in a university lab in Akron, Ohio, where geckos inspired a new approach to adhesive materials…

Adhesives have always been all about the goop: some react, some melt and solidify, and some are always sticky, but if it’s removable, it’s not able to hold much. Adhesives are so ubiquitous that we often forget they’re there, and we have become so familiar with their shortcomings that we don’t know how to expect more.

Can an adhesive be strong, but not sticky? Can it be adjustable, but still last? Can a paper-based product be repositionable?

We didn’t set out to make new solutions to stick photos and paper on walls, or to enable new approaches to craft and DIY projects not previously possible. We started with a blank canvas and a handful of tiny fibers, and talked to anyone that would listen to see whether it was useful. It turns out sticky adhesives are hard to work with. They make a mess, they crumble and ruin the backings, they collect hair and dirt, they damage walls, they leave residue…the list goes on. Pinless products aren’t perfect, but they do provide a new way to attach not possible with conventional adhesives.


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Did you know that Pinless™ products are available on Amazon? Just click the button below to find damage-free solutions that will make your home, apartment, or dorm room more beautiful than ever. Plus, they’re available for two-day shipping through Amazon Prime, so you can get to decorating in just a few days.

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